Thursday, August 1, 2013

Nasir-almolk mosque

Considering lack of time, most of Shiraz visitors prefer to spend their time on Perspolis, Arg of Karim-khan , Eram garden, Shah cheragh mosque etc. but Shiraz has much more to offer. One of the unknown, extremely beautiful architecture masterpieces is Nasir-al-molk mosque located in Lotfali-khan street.
The mosque was built by Mohammad Hassan memar (Mohammad Hassan the architect) which took 12 years during Qajar era. Every corner is decorated by tiles with Islamic pattern tiles (Girih tiles), colorful glasses(Girih glasses), Muqarnas etc.
As is mentioned the mosque is located in Lotfali-khan street in Shiraz so it's like 10 minutes walking from Shah cheragh mosque and 15 minutes walking from Arg of Karim-khan. Winters are perfect for visiting and the best time is 9 AM because sun shines from better angle so light shines through windows and makes the floor and columns colorful.

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