Saturday, June 22, 2013

Roodkhan castle

Enjoy watching rice fields along the road while driving about 20 km from Fooman to Roodkhan castle(Ghale-roodkhan). At the end of the road, there is a parking which you should leave your cars in and walk up the hills through forest. In the beginning you find restaurants, coffee-shops, Negrila (shisha), local cookies and cloths, corn, etc. Most of visitors wouldn’t make it up to the castle and please themselves around those facilities.
If you continue, it takes about 2 hours to go up the stairway which has about one thousand steps so carry enough water for a semi trekking adventure. Mineral water is also available to buy but of course twice more expensive comparing the printed price on the bottle. It’s also helpful if you find or buy a piece of wood as cane Because of the steps.
Trees are strange in this forest. Many trees have visible roots that make the forest so terrifying at night. Maybe the constant raining in whole year long is washing the soil and takes the roots out of ground. Some trees have multiple trunks grown on a base trunk. Many trees, because of the humid weather, are all covered by green leaves which makes the trunk invisible.

Keep walking up to the castle but don’t miss the splendid mountains view behind you covered with trees under the deep blue sky. When the castle gets uncovered in midst of thousands of trees, you can just see a small part of impenetrable walls so take the port and get inside. You’ll find yourself in such a vast, safe, cozy and artistic place.
Over there, drinkable water and toilets are available for free and peddlers are everywhere during weekends selling mineral water, ice-cream, non-alcoholic beer, etc. Considering that the whole plan takes about 5 hours, it would be better to start at early morning or a bit after lunch because there is not any restaurants up there. If you have plans to eat at the castle, you should bring your food.
Both Roodkhan castle and Masuleh village are close to Fooman therefore you can try to catch both of them one after another with least afford and expense.

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